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Public guided tours
The museum offers guided tours for the public. These generally take place on the first Saturday of each month - from 01.02.2018 it will be the first Sunday of each month - beginning at 2 p.m. and last approximately one hour. Unless specified, the public tours are conducted in German (CHF 4.- plus admission).

Upcoming tours:
SONNTAG, 4. Februar         Von der Alchemie zur Chemie.
                                                 Das göttliche Buch der Natur und die sinnlosen Teilchen.
SONNTAG, 4. März               Schlangenhaut und Salbentöpfe - allgemeiner Rundgang
SONNTAG, 8. April               Vom Mythos zur Medizin - Das Einhorn als Heil- und Wundermittel


Guided Tours
Are you interested in a private guided tour?
Let us show you the highlights of the history of pharmacy and pharmacies! 
(Information on terms and conditions are here)

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Would you like to end your visit with snacks and drinks in pleasant surroundings?
We have different rooms with period authenticity for such occasions. Contact us!
mation on terms and conditions are here)

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